At a time when mental health is top of mind for so many, Colorado’s students rarely have access to mental health professionals in their schools.

Many students bring trauma with them to school. School counselors, who  don’t always have the time to focus on mental health issues because they have so many students on their caseload.

Colorado has been under funding education for so long that many mental health services have been cut or drastically reduced. School districts in our state need more funding to increase mental health support.

More than ever before, students face an immense pressure to succeed in school. In fact, nearly 1 out of 5 kids in Colorado has seriously considered suicide. Students who struggle with depression or anxiety rarely have anyone to turn to in school, as the counselor-to-student ratio has widened, leaving fewer resources for our kids to rely on.

Lawmakers need to step up to the plate because our kids matter, too. Tell them to make school funding a priority.

News From the Campaign:

Kids Matter Too Coalition Working to Secure Education Funding from Budget Surplus

Statewide Coalition of Parents and Educators Calling on Lawmakers to Provide Critical Resources for Kids Denver, CO – Today, the Legislative Council announced that the General Fund revenue forecast for FY 2018-19 is higher by $1.3 billion relative to the December forecast. Governor John Hickenlooper’s Office released a statement today earmarking $200 million for the State Education Fund. The Kids … Continued