Parents, teachers, community leaders and lawmakers from around our state are coming together on behalf of Colorado students. All kids deserve opportunities to succeed. Take action and contact your legislator today! Click for a sample call script or sample email.

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Chris Holbert 303-866-4881
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Don Coram 303-866-4884
Irene Aguilar 303-866-4852
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James Smallwood 303-866-4869
Jerry Sonnenberg 303-866-6360
John Cooke 303-866-4451
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Kent Lambert 303-866-4835
Kerry Donovan 303-866-4871
Kevin Grantham 303-866-4877
Kevin Lundberg 303-866-4853
Kevin Priola 303-866-4855
Larry Crowder 303-866-4875
Leroy Garcia 303-866-4878
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Lucia Guzman 303-866-4862
Matt Jones 303-866-5291
Michael Merrifield 303-866-6364
Nancy Todd 303-866-3432
Owen Hill 303-866-2737
Rachel Zenzinger 303-866-4840
Randy Baumgardner 303-866-5292
Ray Scott 303-866-3077
Rhonda Fields 303-866-4879
Stephen Fenberg 303-866-4872
Tim Neville 303-866-4873
Vicki Marble 303-866-4876


Sample Call Script:

“Hello, my name is _________ and I am your constituent from [city or zip code]. I urge you to prioritize K-12 education funding in any budgetary discussions at the Capitol this year.

Colorado comes in dead last in teacher wage competitiveness and we’re 42nd in per pupil spending in the U.S. Meanwhile, our state’s economy is growing every year and our unemployment rate is one of the lowest in the nation.

Our students, our teachers, and our communities should benefit from Colorado’s robust economic growth. We need you to step up for our kids by sending any surplus money directly to school districts like mine. Please make K-12 education funding a priority this legislative session.

Thank you.”


Sample Email:

Dear Senator,

I urge you to prioritize K-12 education funding in any budgetary discussions at the Capitol this year. Colorado’s schools are severely and chronically underfunded, to the tune of $855 million in the 2015-16 school year. And the funding gap is getting larger every year.

This means there’s not enough money to adequately fund things like teacher salaries, federally required programs such as special education, or mental health services for our students. When budgets get cut, as they have for the past 18 years, these are the areas that suffer first.

At a time when the Colorado economy is the 4th strongest in the nation, our schools and communities throughout the state should benefit from the growth. All students deserve the opportunity to thrive and reach their full potential.

The state recently unveiled a plan to tackle the Colorado teacher shortage, after a request from the legislature to tackle the problem. Now that we have the data, and the recommendations on how to fix it, we need to send critically needed dollars directly to school districts.

Again, I ask you to please make K-12 education funding a priority this legislative session!




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News From the Campaign:

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